Wow the girls' school gave out bibles! I'm super impressed because when she asked if she could have one I said ok and then asked her how much it costs.

As usual she shrugged and said she didn't know. So I thought she would update me and then I would pay for it.

But it's a gift!

Such a sweet gesture from the church. I can see that my daughter really treasures it she wrote her name carefully on the title page and has been flipping it ever since.

It's NIRV but I guess as long as we use KJV in church this can be for her home use.

Anyway I thought I should write this down. After school we were hanging out at the school playground when No2 marched over and said, "Mum I'm hungry I didn't eat during recess today."

When I asked why she said that the queue at the chicken rice store was too long so she went to play instead. An older girl overheard our conversation and immediately offered No2 her bao😍 and when No2 declined she took out grapes and biscuits and shared those with her!!!

I think this is what I want my girls to be like – to notice the needs of others and lend a helping hand. What I really appreciated was that the older girl did it so unselfconsciously, she wasn't shy or hesitant but she just came and offered her food so naturally.

Really warmed the cockles of my heart 😍😍😍

And Didi seems to be adjusting quite nicely too.

Although once he came home he had a melt down because I have Jiejie pizza to eat and he wanted some too. So I gave him 1 slice and he finished it, then kept repeating pizza pizza pizza and shouting/crying.


One school of thought is that he has been repressing his emotions at school that's why in a safe place he lets it loose. I sometimes wonder if he can let it loose in school inside 😒

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