No tears today yet! Is this the light at the end of the tunnel?

The girls are ok too the early bedtime def helps. Yay to sunny days ahead!

🎉 No crying today! 🎉

It's only Tuesday but I'm already counting down to the weekend. So much juggling to do I still haven't meal planned because the timings for the children are strange.

The youngest goes in at 12 (so technically he can eat his lunch at 11 but he is constantly snacking from breakfast onwards and the school gives them carbs at 1230 anyway) and the girls only reach home at 230 by then their hunger pangs have disappeared.

So I've brought milo and fruits to meet them at school. Maybe bentos? Hmm.

In the past no1 walked home really quickly so we would eat before 2. Then dinner was later because I didn't have to rush them to sleep.

But now I try to serve dinner at 6 so that we can finish by 7 and then they can wash up and get to bed by 9. And if we eat at 240 and 6 again they're not very hungry. So I suppose I should let them graze and eat small meals?

This is still somewhat better than afternoon session though.

For my friend, her son goes on the bus at 1120 so he needs to eat at 10ish. Then recess at 2 which is a short 30mins to buy a carb dish (dunno if he follows through haha!) and then home only at 7. So he eats really late for dinner. However he doesn't need to sleep so early because afternoon session, but there's so little family time.

How do you guys manage? #schoollifenolife


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