Every year I always look forward to this! I usually get new pens or random stickers.

Just sign up for it online and you don't even need a min spend to renew your membership.

Only thing is the stores are so far away now 😅

Saw @calvinadawn 's Beginners Bible ICanRead purchases and I got really excited! I was all ready to go and purchase more books…until I remembered the zillion books I have in my storeroom 😞

Nevermind I shall just let the youngest reread this lift the flap book. It was a gift for the oldest and really well loved. I recently bought a few more as presents for friends.


We repainted our old house and it looks so much better than our current one hahaha

The room is brighter and bigger than I remember it to be

I learnt my lesson – JUST WHITE. No need apple white or orchid white or whatever

My all grey kitchen suddenly looks sleek without my rubbish 😂

Anyway the painters were Stamford painters and they really did a good job! 5 men who came at 840am and left at 6pm. Price is a bit steep (to me) at 1k+ But I feel like they really put in effort and didn't cut corners. They even painted my shoe rack which was hidden!


Time check: 1039pm

The youngest is still singing the "I don't want to go to school" song to me.

Facebook reminded me that he was fine for 3 days at the previous kindy before reality set in. I can't remember how long he had school phobia for though. All I can remember is him being very enthu about school.

So this too shall pass.

My usual responses are

1. School is fun! You can meet new friends! Like *list names of those I can remember"
👦🏻"I don't like them"

2. I have to pick jiejies up. You wait for me at school once I'm done I'll pick you too.
👦🏻"I want to go with you"

3. If you don't go to school you can't learn how to read like jiejies.
👦🏻"Mummy read"

4. If you go to school next time you can get allowance like jiejies.
👦🏻"I don't get money now."

5. If you don't go to school the teachers don't get paid then

they will have no money for food and they will be hungry.
👦🏻"Got other students."

Then the emotional blackmail starts to begin…

"Mummy I want to stay with you." "Mummy i go and pick jiejies up with you." "Mummy I love to stay at home." 🤦🏻‍♀️

No2 is also not very pro school. She said, "Mummy I don't like school because it makes my head feel funny then at night I can't sleep."

I told her, "It's not school, it's because you don't sleep enough!!"



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