Today is Didi's first swim lesson! Lots of crying and wailing kids in the beginning but most settled down after 20 mins!

Noting down what happened so that I can "practice" with him!

1. Kick legs at the side of the pool
2. Butterfly (hold 2 boards and float while kicking legs)
3. Let them blow water away from face while pouring water on them
4. Blow bubbles
5. Let them play with toys, toss it a distance then hold them to collect it.

After that I went to check on the older ones so I don't know what happened.

But there's a lot of waiting cos the class has 5-6 children (depending on who's crying/clinging on to their parents hahaha)

All the same I think he enjoyed himself cos he kept wanting the coach to pull him along to swim. Although when I asked if he wanted to go again he went NO! 🙄

I'm super sunburned though cos I had to stand in the pool while he was learning! Next week I'm going to bring a big HAT.

The "butterfly" pose! Look at how happy he was…


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