Time check: 803am

Woke up at 6 to braid No2's hair. Before she left for school her hair was already super messy so I gave up and just tied it into a ponytail. How do you get the braids nice and tight so that it doesn't move? Do I need to use hair products?

After that I stoned and then no3 woke up. He said he wanted to sleep somemore and so I'm now stuck in the bed watching him sleep.


Later I intend to explore the neighborhood because I have a free hour in between the school drop off/pick up madness! Yay so exciting I want to go and look for ballet classes and find the nearest post office/police post. And see if there are any interesting shops around.

Ever since we've moved I've yet to really venture out. One is because of my inertia, two is because I have 3 kids who all want to do different things at the same time. So best is stay st home.

But it's a new year, a new place and a new (haha) me, so no more nuaing and more DOING.

I realized I stopped my #dayrehomes posting recently.

But I just wanted to share about finding curtains!

These are blackout (not dimout) and they have a white plastic-y backing which does a good job of keeping the heat out.

Short curtains for the room facing the main corridor.

I used J&B curtain designs. They are from JB so they're slower to respond but I think their price point is better plus they were the only ones who could put up my curtains before new year.

I contacted NST too and they gave a similar quote but their material wasn't so thick and they could only do it in Jan.

U curtains I called and she asked me to whatsapp her but she never replied my text.

We paid 1000 for 2 full length and 1 half length curtain. No rails because we already installed rails (to our regret) so it's really for material and labor costs.

Best 1000 spent because the first 2 nights with no curtains we couldn't sleep at all. It was too bright, too noisy too everything! We pegged blankets up but they weren't thick enough. So if you move house make sure the curtains are up before moving!!!

My first solo lunch break this year! Hopefully it won't be my last.

Joined the queue because I didn't know what else to eat haha. Also the lady selling noodles along the same row said she ate this everyday.

Ordered chicken and roast pork.

Verdict? It's ok, not worth the wait. The chili was nice and spicy but the ginger was really salty! Chicken was ok but I'm spoilt already by my MIL's chicken. And her roast pork too. So this was just meh.

Also the rice was fragrant but a tad bit dry. I love my rice moist and bursting with flavor!

There are a lot of chicken rice stores so I'll be trying them once a week hahaha. Total $4 this shall be my treat meal.

Went to pick up the girls after and the crowd is madness. Cars are double parked on both sides of the road!

I chatted more with one of the moms and it's nice to connect! I think the moms here are more chatty (also because of the whatsapp group) and everyone's eager to make friends.

Maybe cos kiasu hahaha. But I'm trying to make friends with the chill moms who want their kids to be happy, not those who talk about DSA already (#truestory)

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