This year has been very interesting so far! I'm actually on a WeChat group for the youngest haha!

It's my first time using WeChat because the parent who invited me is from China. When I asked her why she chose this school she said it was because the other preschools/childcare required a student pass and she didn't want to apply for it.

Super interesting! And I'm going to type in Chinese so my chinese will def improve 😂 WeChat is quite advanced must explore somemore…

So what I'm very impressed by is the fact that you can choose an alias for each group! So like for Didi's group everyone is known by their kid's names e.g. John's mummy or Jane's daddy

Also when the mum asked to add me I was all ready to give my phone number or email etc, but she told me to look for a QR code in my profile! Then she scanned it and I appeared in her contacts!

I'm really quite impressed because I'm v old school in using my WhatsApp groups and stuff! So all these qr codes just seem so newfangled and cutting edge hahaha.

And and you can even send digital angbaos on WeChat?!? It's a whole ecosystem man.

Apart from the cool tech, I'm just quite impressed that the parents are Christian. They have names like Enoch and Samuel! I dunno why I had the impression there were few Christians in China but I suppose if you choose a church kindy it means you must be open to Christianity right?

So looking forward to speaking to them again…only thing is my Chinese is so CMI I feel like I can't express myself. Maybe I shld sic my husband on them but he's so antisocial haha.

Put the girls to bed at 830. 915 they are still awake and peeking out. How to wake up?!? 😡😡

I shall make them go jogging in the afternoon to tire them out.


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