2nd day of school and I'm so exhausted!

The Husband said this morning "I miss cantonment primary" πŸ˜‚ the difference of waking up later and just walking over to school vs waking up early and having to take a bus and then walking somemore is quite stark.

Ok ok we cannot complain at least our children don't have to wake up at 5 and be down at 530 zzz

The upside is they take their naps quite willingly; even though they claim they can't sleep the min they lie flat they conk out!

No2 was quite funny yesterday. She now shares the room with her sister but these few days she keeps wanting to sleep with us. She cried and said "I'm suffering to death!" when we asked her to sleep early so that she could wake up for school. Then she said school was "boring" cos the teacher "keep talking talking talking"

So drama mama hahaha. But those genes are from me I can't tell her to stop feeling these.

Thank God no1 is still v positive I hope it stays that way!!

Time check: 420pm. Gotta wake them up so they can sleep by 930!!

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