Waiting for the Grab.

Hmm got told off for going with children but ok lah at least he didn't reject me.

Today we spilt up to get things done more efficiently.

The Husband – fixer upper, cleaning specialist, delivery man

Moi – look after children, pack for camp, make sure kids don't starve.

Sitting at the side of the swimming pool chilling feels very wasteful. I need to hang the clothes! Fill the boxes! Throw clothes into the luggage! Clear the fridge! Get the children to choose which toys to bring! Meet curtain guy!

But the son is Lepaking happily.

And they will all be tired and take gloriously long naps later which will give me peace to do work.

So baby steps and deep breaths.

And stop stress eating!!! It's making me super round.

Random aside: I cut my hair last week and nobody outside my family remarked on it.

My conclusion is – 1. It's not noticeable? (Cannot be!) or 2. It's so terrible they're adhering to the "if you have nothing good to say don't say it" mantra. 😱😳🤣

On the mrt now…meeting curtain guy soon I hope it goes well.

I've another appointment with a JB guy tomorrow. Want to compare their materials as well as pricing. We're only doing for the bedrooms because we rarely draw the curtains in the living room. Who's going to stare in anyway?

Fridge is here!

Hmm the guy just turned it on but my husband told me that I should have waited for the gas to settle. Oops. Megadiscount store buayzai

Washing machine which he didn't remove the transport bolts. Sigh.

Waited for the bed to come today. It was raining when these guys arrived poor thing.

Then dunno why so suay they forgot to install the mechanism to lift the bed haha. So we can't move in yet because there's no place to sleep.

Also, the color suddenly looks very dirty again. I really am not a visual person. Even though I actually saw a bed of the same color in store, I guess it looks different in my place😅

Old school gas calendar!

Note: curtain guy quoted 1000 for 3 rooms full length windows. Installation will only happen 2 weeks after we sign though. Which is January.

Curtain is 90% blackout. Asta brand which comes from Taiwan. Colors are ok not super fantastic but we're also not super arty so better settle for safe colors.

Potential choices. We are boring!!

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