(Deleted those I've sold for housekeeping. These are still available!)

P3 and P4 readers.

7.50 mailed

Moralistic tales? All with animals.
5.50 mailed

Hmm this one talks about how you need to see who you are going to do a good deed for, because it might hurt you instead.

God gave us Christmas – I love this book because it has The Northern Lights featured inside!
$4 including mail.

My very first book of numbers Eric Carle- split pages for matching objects and number.
$6.50 including mail (SOLD)

Bounce, Tigger, Bounce. It's a first reader so simpler words. $2.50 mailed

The insides!
No stains or tears, just that the tigger and numbers book has some slight yellowing.

But new book of numbers is 11.77 (why such a weird number?) from popular so maihiam haha

I Spy series – Animals, numbers, shapes and alphabet.

It's to introduce children to fine art.

Animals and shapes are literal, numbers you have to count the number of objects and letters you have to guess

Renoir's is U for Umbrella hahaha. (Don't worry there are "answers" at the back.

6.50 each including postage, 24 for the whole set with postage.

(Sides are yellow but pictures are still pristine and zero markings.)

Which show how interested my kids were…😂

Guess How Much I Love You still wrapped (guess it wasn't loved that much after all oops)

Bottom wrap has torn off though.

$8.50 including mail

GHMILY counting 4.50 including mail cos at least I read this… ((COUNTING RESERVED)

Upclose details of the torn wrap. Book is still A Ok but it def can't be a Christmas present haha.

I got it when Borders was still around so…see what I mean about hoarding?!?

And the counting is quite simple 1-5 only. But v whimsical good for those who have read the book.

When I was more enthu about entertaining them.

Now we operate on survival mode. Or study mode.

Eeks this is such a guilt inducing poem.

Nevermind today suffer (my scolding), tomorrow go play date.

Sample activity.

Can google more for info I got this off Amazon. Selling $6 including mail.

Finding dory puzzle. 3.50 mailed cos bulky

24 pieces finished product 5×7 inches

Wah I went to see how much these are selling on carousell. 😲 I feel like my price is 老板不在乱乱卖!

But seriously, this is all about giving books a better home.

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