Deleted those that were sold
Basic English reader. Also 50cents!

The text is
"This is my house. This is my cat. This is my tree. This is my swing. This is my ladder. This is my tree house. This is my place."

Then the last picture shows the picture of his drawing very cute.

I would keep it but my house is not as empty as his…

Last picture.

Anyone's child starting P1? Need art book? No2's sch is not using it and I don't want to keep for many years later and can't find.


Change t4 soft toy/neck pillows FOC

Please contact me at edelweiss(at)gmail(dot)com or telegram @eling2008 thanks!

Set of cards for numbers, alphabets and opposites. RESERVED

$5 cos it's an oldie but goodie

Small Bambi Mini storybook.

I've never watched the movie in its entirety so I have no idea if the storyline is the same.


Toddler's Bible. 1 or 2 sentences per page. (Reserved)

Classic and simple.

$2! Add $2 for mailing cos quite heavy.

Wah super old.

Dug out ancient chinese readers…8 books for level 2

Classic man. $5 for all but it's incomplete.


2 of the titles are not there.

I would say for k1 but my p2 daughter confessed she couldn't read it.

Should I keep it for her?? The Husband would kill me…

Level 1 has only 7 titles out of the 10.

Must be the kids read and then anyhow throw here throw there.

$4 add 1.50 for mailing

List of titles in case you ever want to find the whole set

Got flash cards for hardworking mums

Level 3 complete.

I would say the books are kindy to p1

Word recognition cards. $6

Puzzle on the go. I bought them as gifts, then I left them in the boxes and now my target age group have moved on to other interests.

And I refuse to let my children play with them because I have other sets 😳

$3 each with free postage!

They're all 24 piece puzzles except for the Marvel one which is 100 pieces!


Poor shimmer and shine nobody likes 💔

Mickey Mouse tower puzzle (just means it's a long rectangle lah) 24 pieces

Olaf 48 pieces

Both 3.50 free postage. Cos more bulky so probably cost more to post.

I think I am puzzle obsessed. But gotta give these up cos I have other maths stuff.

$5 plus $2 for normal mail.

In case you're interested in the details.

Have game suggestions so you won't get bored

@terrierteddy I feel so bad to keep rejecting you are you interested in chinese flash cards? 68 pieces in total. It says non tearable but i have my doubts ha.

$2! With postage $1.50 (RESERVED)

Sample. About 10x10cm

The back is for hardworking parents haha

Anyone with older children? This is a selection of Hans Christian Anderson's tales. The first is the Tin soldier.

I am a CMI chinese reader…there's HYPY but I take too long so just give up…

Good for improving your own chinese…

For imaginary play! It's about the size of a drawing block. $4

Everybody loves being a mummy!

The book can be glued into a case.

Not really Chinese per se but at least you can say "你要来扮妈妈吗?"

Found another box of flash cards.

My house suddenly feels like a store. The storeroom is a treasure chest and everything was hidden inside boxes.

This one has more complex words like 搬蝇 etc

Also smaller 9×9

Please note this set has 55 cards not 100 ok.


Bought this for my daughter, now she's 6..,

$6! Mailing add $1

Obaibi winter jacket. Water repellent and lined. For 6 months!

Super cute cos of the hood. $5 and $2 for normal mail

Zara mini 6-9 months jacket. This is like a cardi kinda feel. Can wear in aircon I think.

$3 and add $2 mail

I'm keeping this stack for myself, but I opened 3 more boxes and found another chinese stash.
If you're wondering why I have so many different books, it's because
1. I love books 😳
2. I love 2nd hand books
3. People know I love books
4. In France, chinese books were a rarity so I just bought when they were selling
5. My Husband packed them and we didn't open all our boxes (for 2 plus years…)
6. So I bought more because see 1. 😨

Now must declutter. Cos my kids love books too…

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