Look ma! My design was chosen!

I admit I was pretty skeptical when she entered the contest and told me confidently that she would buy her toy for Christmas. I mean, what were the chances? It's a simple frog which wasn't like super complicated or unique.


So today we came down to vote… but

It only starts tomorrow šŸ¤£

So if you're at #ikea for #dayrereno or #dayrehomes anytime between 25nov to 2dec please grab a form and vote for her design to have the chance to become a real toy…

a close up of ē¼–号4ļøāƒ£ļ¼

There are other very cool designs and more polished drawings but maybe hers had heart?

(I'm standing here watching people's reactions haha and cos hers is above eye level most people are looking at no7, a really cute dinosaur. Nooooo)

No2 is extremely disappointed that her unicorn wasn't chosen. And I was a terrible mummy because I didn't even take a photo of her entry.

Must manage this so that she doesn't feel jealous and realize that everyone has their own strengths.

#atmlobang Phoon Huat sale! 10% not a lot but butter has been going up like crazy and it's good to get some for Christmas baking…

#iherb sale!!! Hooray now can stock up on Ghirardelli cocoa powder. Its 11 plus at Phoon Huat and 7.66sgd at iherb. Cheaper than Van Houten even I feel.

If you do buy from Iherb you can also use my referral code QAW288 to get 10% off I also get rewards I think haha. So very shiok!

I tried using the code BFR2017 and my friend's referral code but they only accept 1. Both are also 10% so let my friend earn haha.

For iherb, use shopback app and you can get 3% cash back! Every cent counts haha

I subscribe to the NParks news letter and always want to go for their fun events….

This month they're promoting the Jacob Ballas garden (it's supposed to be a lot bigger!), gardener's day out at Hort Park and free entry to the Orchid Gardens again!

Feel like bringing the kids but it's always so rainy…should I just bite the bullet and go???

#dayremummies #holidayhappenings

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