Positioning fail. But it looks as if he's levitating the snowball? Maybe?

Pink room. The color is called little bow pink I think. At least it's not shockingly pink it's a polite "hi I'm pink but not in your face" kinda color.

Very suitable for my no2. I bought green cactus decals from taobao to jazz it up a little I hope it doesn't look too weird.

My kitchen door is up! Black and with glass. Pretty standard.

The fridge kerb is up too. It looks a little old school but in the event we decide to mop the kitchen it will save the fridge (I think)

Washing machine kerb. Looks a little small.

I'm in a white room. Everything is white eeks. The walls look very "classroom"-ish to me.

I suppose it's a good backdrop for all my children's art pieces. And like their toys will add life to my living spaces…

The green NACO windows which are my eyesore. I wonder if I should have just boarded this up instead.

This is some apple green white. It's supposed to be soothing to the eyes.

We shall see…

But white does make the room look a lot brighter previously this room was dark purple and it was always so gloomy looking.

Now I can see light?

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