Today's swimming was washed out by the heavy rain.

The kids are still happy though!

My son is v good at "sian-ing" girls look at how he invades her personal space with the excuse of taking a photo!

And the pooh bear bends just so 😂😂😂

Went to check on the Reno progress…and I realized that Didi is playing with their hammer 😱😱😱

So far nothing much, just patching the walls and tearing off the doors so that they can put laminates.

The horribly abused kitchen door. I don't know how the door frame can become so splintered did they splash water?

We're going to do an aluminum frame for the kitchen door. It's going to be black and have 3 glass panels. That will set us back 950 because they have to remove the door frame and put in new ones.

Actually doors and windows are quite a major portion of our budget. Suaku us didn't realize that they were so ex.

All the doors stripped! I'm just going to put a tempered glass backsplash so I can say bye to the old fashioned tiles.

In a perfect world, I would choose subway tiles done up nicely in some cool pattern, but 1. No budget and 2. Too much to clean.

And I have given up on my white/light colored laminates because the Husband said any grease would be super obvious. He actually wanted grey again but we compromised and went for wood…

Master bedroom cupboard. I hope the laminates match the white frame. Looking at this I wonder if we have enough cupboard space for all our things.

Nevermind this will give me a chance to kon mari my house…


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