Eating healthy today!
Spinach salad with bacon, mushrooms and onion. Warm salad is really very tasty (with all the bacon fat 😂😂)

There's supposed to be a dressing too but I think the bacon oil is enough…don't mind eating this everyday if I can stand the cooking!

3 step Easy warm salad
1 pack of spinach salad washed (I would love to use our local baby spinach do you think it would work? but I think it would require more processing so nah)
2-3 slices of streaky bacon (need the oil)
4 white mushrooms chopped or sliced
1 red onion finely sliced

1.Cook the bacon till crispy.
2.Caramelize the onions and white mushrooms
3.Cut the bacon into bits and mix the bacon, mushrooms and onions into the salad. Toss and watch the salad wilt!


This works for me because the bacon is salty and the caramelized mushrooms and onions are sweet so there's a variety of flavors. Also spinach is pretty neutral tasting and easy to stomach cos it's wilted already.

You can add hardboiled eggs too for added creaminess! I will try that next time for more protein.

When your daughter keeps asking for steak and you're on austerity measures…

Do it yourself at home in happycall pan!

Nice and charred. But I've yet to perfect it should I get a grill pan for those nice lines?


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