Things are starting to move! Yesterday we met our contractor and he passed up samples for the kitchen cabinets.

This is quartz and marble. We had to gently tell him it wasn't in our budget and asked to see the solid surface samples instead haha.

But they're so pretty!

Big sized samples of laminate. Makes it easier to visualize

The smaller catalogues. I think our contractor works with evershine a lot so they gave him big samples for those.

I only know I want woody feel but there are a million and one shades of teak, oak, pine etc. eeps!

#dayrehomes #renovation #kitchen

So far, we've gotten the lights sorted. This time round we're buying whatever we can from JB because of the strong exchange rate. Anyway I think things are generally better priced there because they stay in houses and they probably need a ton more lights/fittings than our apartments πŸ˜‚.

So this is the recommended SGD price for the lights that we got.

We went to this shop that the Husband googled for. Actually the more popular one is Tampoi? tanpoi? But we wanted to go to Bukit Indah because of Aeon (and Auntie Anne's! And Ilao llao!) so this is a good shop around the area.

So the lights are *drumroll*

39.69myr for the square one and
26.50myr for the round one.

So we saved about 1/3rd the price!

Also because I'm super auntie, I saw that Philips Malaysia is having a contest hahahaha

This! The shop assistant was super blur and didn't even see the flyer that was displayed on his table.

So anyway, cheaper pricing (their lights are even cheaper than the Malaysia standard price) and contest = buy!

We bought downlights because we're aesthetically challenged and can't picture how hanging lights will look in the house. Also downlights are more fuss free because they're flush against the celling (no dust!)

Anyway, I have finally found the answer to GST tax relief for shopping in Malaysia.

When searching for whether we needed to pay 7% GST, we were confused whether it was per pax, per adult or whatever. Would children get relief? Would they say it's by trip and so everyone altogether is entitled 150? The term "travelers" is so vague if you know what I mean… we decided to just be honest and declare upfront to the immigration officer that we bought the items because we didn't want to get into trouble over a small amount.

The lady looked at our receipts, took a look at the number of people in the car and then said, "No need to pay."

So the GST relief is per pax! Children also counted! As long as we bring the children in we can buy as much as our car can carry…

So I suppose if you want to buy branded goods just do it during a family holiday. πŸ˜‚ 600X5=3000sgd. That shall be a good benchmark heh.

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