#atmhome! Our first time stepping in after the previous owner moved out.

The view

The MBR wardrobe that we're keeping cos we're trying to minimize expenses.

MBR toilet. Also keeping everything here.

Kitchen! The main reason (to me haha) why we're moving – so that I have more space to cook!

Also keeping the cabinets. I am def ditching those tiles though. Probably just going to overlay glass for easy cleaning.

#dayrehomes #reno #minimalismtosavemoney

Because we're keeping the cabinets, I need another cabinet if I want to install a built in oven.

I'm in two minds about it though. This is an old condo and I half fear they will enbloc it or something and my lovely carpentry will go to waste. I won't bring an old oven over if it involves dismantling the cabinets and all.

I've also been looking at ovens and there are all these new fangled ones which microwave, steam and bake!

Looking for a rounder table with benches this time.

Things I learnt from my first house reno

Disclaimer- this is what I feel and not to be taken as gospel truth!

1️⃣Just use white and other neutral paints. We did blue and yellow for our rooms and when we rented it out the tenants painted it over themselves. White is best for us cos it's fuss free and the kids' art works look better! I did grey for my MBR and it looks ok but very dim.

2️⃣Glass tables are v pretty but not hardy with rambunctious children.

3️⃣Grey laminate is nice in theory but make the kitchen very dark. Cos my floor is grey

I wanted a sleek feel but my whole grey kitchen looks dreary without light. It's easy to maintain though cos it's matte and dirt doesn't show haha. But I'll go with white/woody laminates this time.
Also am going to try two different tones for the top and bottom! Because I want white but not for the whole kitchen.

4️⃣BUILT IN STORAGE IS A MOTHER'S BEST FRIEND. All their toys are thrown inside when I want the house to look neat.

5️⃣Lots of open shelves means lots of clutter. 😅

Sleek dining table that doesn't look so sleek with all their things on it😂

If you look at the legs it supports the centre and the glass can shift if they lean on it.

I'm just gonna get an old school table with legs at the 4 corners. #functionoverform

6️⃣Celling fans are the best for keeping cool! They don't topple and everyone gets the wind. The only thing is pretty=less wind and more wind=practical design. But who can afford to turn on their aircon 24/7?

7️⃣Furniture lasts, but tastes change. I have this very cool bed/table thing but it's been a pain in the ass moving it here and there. It's very sturdy but I'm not in love with it anymore. So I guess this time round I'm not going to be super particular about the beds/tables/chairs because I want to be able to change them without feeling the pinch.

8️⃣warm lights make the place cozy, but it's not good for schooling kids who read everywhere and not just at their study table. I'm going to buy those lights which can have 3 lights type

9️⃣Mirrors make the place look bigger, but cleaning them is a painful task haha. I have a big mirror in my living room and also insisted on full length mirrors for my cupboard door. They are now covered with smudges at my waist level thanks to the children who like to smoosh their hands and sometimes feet on the glass…

🔟Exhaust fans for toilets are great! They blow out all the smells and I think they contributed greatly to our toilet being moldfree. (That, and my MIL/the Husband's toilet cleaning efforts.) Def keeping those in our next home.



Hmm on closer examination I realize that the gradient is really just a mixture of red and yellow! And the other side is a little purple and a lot of blue and yellow.

Shall try again.

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