Dinner tonight!
Steamed tofu with minced pork, steamed broccoli, steamed chicken and fried egg.

Gotta document what I'm cooking/eating so I have some inspiration for meal planning.

Tomorrow I'm going to try out a recipe I'm saw on Facebook! Vietnamese caramelized pork which sounds exotic but seems very doable.

#atmcooks #dinner

In other random news, I saw this interesting washing machine in Malaysia! You can wash two different loads at the same time!! So your coloureds can go in the top compartment and your whites at the bottom.

Only catch is the top is 17kg behemoth. So I can imagine the whole load to be like 20kg?

Ok the total capacity is 20.5kg.

This is only suitable for those staying in landed property; I think I would have to dedicate my entire service yard for this tualengkong hahaha.

I also saw a 24kg washing machine on sale which was taller than my 2nd girl. Do people really buy these machines for personal use??? Imagine the water bill!

But I suppose land is plentiful and water is quite cheap in Malaysia so these aren't considerations!

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