ECC exhibition! Their favorite ballpit

Look at those smiles!

Pretending to be firefighters.

This Didi is so clingy nowadays, after he took the picture he took off the coat and said he didn't want to play.

Now I'm dayring with him on my lap…

Firefighters in their truck

Active Sg booth

Gardens by the Bay

Cardboard rides!

Wildlife reserves booth. Making pencil toppers

Finished his mutant panda

Happy panda v2.0

Madagascar hissing cockroach

Leopard gecko! They don't change color that would be a chameleon.

Penguin parts. Very cool but looks so macabre.

I love the staff at wildlife reserves they all so good at interacting with the kids.

Checking out preschool booths. So many innovative ideas nowadays the educators really put in a lot of effort.

They made soap with their kindy kids. Can be done in 1day.

President's challenge booth. Pledge cards to take part in the Guinness book of records.

Some wear onigiri headgear

Making muruku

Super pretty art project which I'm thinking of doing with them

How come theirs is so artistic and pretty…

Ended off their outing at Macdonalds. I wanted to look some more but they were hungry and tired and I also had tuition.

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