Maybe I'm very suaku but nowadays there are many local chinese children books! This one was quite interesting and made me think of the movie 向左走向右走(very unromantically translated in English into turn left turn right 😂)

But it's about 2 children who are neighbors with warring mothers. I would have bought the book but there's an illustration about the mom playing mahjong and loan sharks pouring paint on the door so it's too much to explain to my kids 😅

All the same if you have relatives who

gamble this book should be good to explain why excessive gambling is bad! (The mom even goes to Genting to gamble!)

And also, I've been clearing out books so i shall not add to my stash.
Wait until the house sparkles with enough joy before I start again…

In other news, I have the best student ever. Teachers' day she gave me lovely biscuits, children's day she gave me books for my kids!

They're bilingual so I'll read the chinese text to the children and they can read the English themselves. But the chinese has no HYPY so I have to google translate first before reading…

If no1 can 背 some of the descriptions I believe her essay will be superb. Like the 海水bit I don't even know how to read that word…


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