The value store is really value for money! Snickers go for 2 for $1 and Lindt is super cheap compared to the supermarket!

I haven't been active much because I've been binge-reading Naruto and watching the anime….

Squandered my youth chasing the manga and now squandering my middle age reading it. But I really like how the storyline developed and how every character was multi faceted. The thing about such a long running series (15 years!) is that you have the luxury of fleshing out themes and backstories and everything is wonderfully connected in the end!

And they also promote healthy values like team work etc

Meanwhile, my oldest has started taking her "exams". This is from her Chinese teacher and is revision for her oral.

So old school lah. But there's a sequence to it you have to start from left to right, then do front to back. At least 5-8 sentences per picture…

This is at the canteen. Also must have some feelings e.g. "看到同学没收拾碗碟我会生气。” You have to have some CME element within the picture haha.

So complicated but she managed to get through it. *fingers crossed*

For O levels I think the chinese oral is no longer a picture but a video. Not sure if it's similar for PSLE but whatever it is I just need to prepare her vocabulary and expression!


Also as part of chinese culture appreciation I brought them to see the lantern light up at Chinatown! They happened to have performances on that day too so we hung around to watch the drumming and the dragon dance.

Didn't go to the centre because there were so many people!

Standing on the bollard for a better view.

There was also a farmers market last weekend! Very happening they had a magic show for the children.

This guy is really good at capturing the children's attention! I thought he was a mascot for Seng Choon farm eggs at first haha!

He did a good job as a ventriloquist too. I think he's called Mr Eggy?

Waiting for the bouncy castle to inflate. I lost my temper at the youngest over this I hope the people around weren't too traumatized.

Sigh bridling the tongue is really tough.

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