This holiday marked the first time that the kids slept over at their grandparents' place! They were very excited and packed their bags, napped obediently and got up all raring to go!

NDP bags are very useful for occasions like this!

Trying to get a good picture of them!

My mom took this picture to mark the momentous occasion! I was half fearful they would cling on to me but you can see in this picture it's me holding on to them!

First stop sans kids – visiting my grandma!

She lost quite a bit of weight but my mom says it's a good thing cos she is ideal weight now.

Sadly I'm not at my ideal weight she called me 肥 hahaha.

So glad she was alert and happy to see me!

After that I walked to my happy place – THE LIBRARY!

At the tampines hub now it's much further than the old location, but it's so much bigger!

The first thing you see will be the AV materials. I noticed a lot more chinese DVDs here.

The children's section has a lot of books but they're all spaced out and quite hard to find.

A good place to linger but not to search for specific books.

Looks like a cafe but it's actually one of the many study corners they have in the library! So nice!

I browsed till the Husband knocked off work and then we caught a movie and ate at DTF.

Is it me or is the food not as great as before?

Eating in peace!!!

But also very quiet and we were on tetherhooks whether the kids would miss us and if my mom would summon us to bring them home.

I'm glad to report that the kids had a blast! 🚀🚀🚀

They played board games, watched YouTube and disturbed their uncle's till late night and only collapsed at 12 midnight 😱

The next morning they woke up at 8, doodled and crafted and then trooped down to Macs for a happy meal, where they promptly devoured everything (according to my parents…)

After that, they went to Timezone cos no1 got a $5 voucher there and they played some games and redeemed trinkets.

And that's not all!!!

They also went to the library (like mother like children!) and spent quite a while reading and borrowing books. (My dad commented that he read to Didi the same book 10 times 😂) After the library visit they went to the playground and only after that they finally came home.

So they were out from 11-5.
Without afternoon nap. 💪💪💪

I really salute my parents 👍

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