On Friday we went to Malaysia! Shopped at Tesco where there's Meeraland and the train ride was free cos it was a public holiday! Yay!

Plus the entry fee is only rm40 for 2 hours. They enjoyed themselves immensely and so did we cos we could shop without kids. (we took turns to go into Tesco to look)

Happy girls.


I dunno why I assumed this sign meant the clothes were rm12…good thing the cashier understood what I was trying to say and just added rm12 to my club card.

They actually send updates to my Sg address and we get coupons/rebates etc. Makes shopping there really great!

For own reference cos we use this for our laundry. The cheapest I've found in Sg for the softener is 2 bottles for 6sgd on qoo10.

And I like the persil cos it's lowsuds!

Went to visit The Husband's Auntie's new place.

It's huge and so comfy!

Walking into their house…

The massive living room.

Super high celling and there's a skylight so it's very airy and feel spacious.

The second floor….I think I would be afraid of my kids tumbling over.

We really grow into our parents. My parents stay in a maisonette block but they chose the corner unit which is single floor. I used to complain about it because I wanted to have a double floor house with a staircase and all but my mom said she was afraid we would fall down.

Now I also tell my kids the same thing haha!

Their dry kitchen. If I had the space I would definitely have 2 kitchens!

But we stay in Sg and we aren't printing money so I suppose this will have to be a dream.

Strange the sink is placed outside haha.

Concealed study table. For future reference!

Anyway I think space is something Malaysia has in spades. Out of his 3 cousins, 2 are studying in Malaysia and 1 is planning to come over. I would say Sg is the land of opportunity for them, but the standard of living is really "lower" because they have to live in a flat and can't drive around unlike in JB. But when the exchange rate is so good and they can earn more I suppose this is the sacrifice they choose to make.

In fact I really salute those who commute daily to work/study in Singapore. The jams at the causeway and second link are no joke.

We chose to drive in spontaneously because the traffic cameras showed no jam on the tuas link, but it still took us an hour to clear customs in. On average I think the commute now on a weekday takes 2-3 hours. So for his uncle, if he wants to come into Sg he has to wake up at 4 plus in order to get in to work 😱


All the same, i still like going in, jams and all because of the FOOD!

Their coffee shop still has the best taste! I think it's the pork lard haha.

(The Husband is half amused and half annoyed at my random photo taking.)

This coffee shop is very popular with Singaporeans! Can't remember the name but it's near an Aeon.


Saturday is ballet and swimming day!

We swim at 11-12 so it's mega scorching.

Didi was very bored cos his cousins decided to stay home. He kept whining until the Husband took the sunglasses for him to wear so he could float…

I also took a video of him doing the 白菜 rhyme on Instagram so if you're interested check out eddeeeellll haha

With all the non stop action the children are pooped!


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