First day of break

Didi wakes up at 7
No1 wakes up at 730
No2 wakes up at 8.

Please sleep longer leh…

PSA: vistaprint is giving out free 6×6 soft copy photobooks!

I think shipping is about 7 bucks though. Not sure number of pages too…

But it's nice to make little books for the kids.

Finish all homework before playing

No2 – journal writing. She can't spell so I have to sit there and be the dictionary. Will technology be useful here?

How come can read but cannot spell huh.

写习字. Check out the mess that didi is making at the corner.

Playtime at my friend's place! It's a lovely space with a bright balcony!

Got fed too so touched 😍

Little V concentrating on her lego

The 2 girls look like they're doing some ballet pose

Touch and feel chinese book! Looks very interesting

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