It's the start of school holidays! First up – poking around with twigs and leaves and running around under the hot sun.

They made an ant home. With other kids who went off earlier.

Some older kids walked by and jeered at their pile, telling them it was "stupid" and "ants live underground".

No1 said, "They bullied us!"

Teenagers and their hormones, kids and their emoness

Touching mimosas. I'm standing in the shelter telling them to hurry up because I'm hungry!!

Nowadays kids have to learn robotics from a young age. This is the beebot that children can program to move up, down, left and right. I think it's under the playmaker program. They learn this, light stickers and something else.

It's really cute and the bonus is there is no computer needed to do programming so all the kids need is the toy and some paper.

Identifying the parts hahaha. I'm very amused how the teacher writes "super duper amazing!" On all the worksheets.

Maybe I should make her a chop that says that next year!

Anyway, I'm not a coder or a programmer so I don't know how these will help them to start coding. It's very fun and tech-y but the learning outcomes are a little vague.

But we have to be a smart nation so gotta keep up!

Her solution doesn't seem to make sense I think I will fail at this!

Edit: I get it! When it moves to the right it stays at the same spot so that's why there are 4 up arrows. Ok I learnt something from this haha


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