One more day to Teachers Day and I'm baking like a mad woman.
This year I received a present from my tuition student! So touched because I haven't been teaching for so long and this is my first teachers day gift since No2 was born!

It's always nice to feel appreciated, and I hope the children's teachers will enjoy their cookies. I've erred on the side of caution and am going to give them consumables (i.e. Cookies and pens)

I had grand plans to put them in boxes and do elaborate cards but no1 decided she wanted to fold her Teachers bunnies so that's what she's going to give. No point forcing my opinion on her; I hope the teachers will appreciate her bunny origami and display it somewhere.

Speaking of no1, she did ok for her chinese. Didn't get full marks but didn't fail either. I need to find more hanyu pinyin resources because that was an AFI. She didn't know cong min and xi huan. I admit I would have chosen the

Same answer that she did because I don't know it myself!

She only showed her father the paper early this morning and when I saw it she asked, "Are you disappointed?" I told her

No! Because I know you tried your best and revised when I asked you too.

I think I must be more tender towards her because she thinks I expect perfection. Which to a certain extent, YES I DO, but I think effort is more important than results.

Anyway my friend has a very nice whatsapp status that I must remember

Always be your child's cheerleader

So I'm going to cheer her every step of her learning journey. In a world where results are paramount I want to acknowledge effort, because we are all gifted and if we all aspire for the same prize everyone will be disappointed.

So she might not be the best chinese student, but she can be the best bunny origami master. And I will make her feel good about it by praising all the bunnies, wonky ears and all.

Our collaboration! Mummyxthequeen hahaha

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