Today we're having a church gathering at my brother in law's place and I offered to make pizza. My MIL is going to be there and I cannot 丢脸!!
Now watching them bake like a hawk (apart from dayreing haha)

So the previous batch was quite floury and I didn't like it. The kids were fine but it def wouldn't pass my MIL's taste test. This dough is stickier so hopefully the mouth feel is better…

Today's effort! Still round phew! No veg on it cos the kids are total carnivores!

Since the oven was on I also baked some cookies. They were meant to be chocolate chip cookies but I ran out of chocolate chip so they became chapalang chip cookies (normal, white and some caramel flavored one)

I should have bought more flour and chocolate chips during the phoon huat sale 😭

Will bake the rest on Tuesday so that's Teachers' Day sorted!

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