2C balloting day

So today we went for our first p1 balloting. This year, 88 schools were oversubscribed in phase 2C and they conducted balloting!

(Background info)
Primary schools have different phases.
Phase 1 – siblings are currently studying in sch; their sibs automatically get in.
Phase 2A – parents joined the alumni association at least 1year before (i.e. pay 💰) or they're in the school advisory committee
Phase 2A2 parents were alumni but didn't join/ sibs used to study in the sch / parents teaching

Phase 2B parents have affiliation/ did volunteer work/ are grassroots leaders
Phase 2C no connection whatsoever but still want to go (that's us!)

So anyway, we chose the school cos we were moving and it was nearby. It isn't the most popular school in the area but it is still popular enough that balloting was only for those staying within 1km.

(Whenever there are too many people vying for spaces, they give priority by distance. 1km, bet 1-2km and beyond 2km)

When we arrived at school, the first thing the lady told us was, "Check your child's name please. And no videography or photography please."

The atmosphere was so tense you could cut it with a knife 🔪🔪

Another man proceeded to tell us the rules.

There are X number of balls.
All will be placed in the cage.
If your ball rolls out you are successful.
If two balls roll out they will be placed back inside.

THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE (Image credit Google)

He then showed us every single ball with the number on it and then placed them in the cage.

Another lady turned the crank and the man read out the number. Then a lady solemnly read out the name associated with the number and yet another staff placed an orange sticker next to the child's name!

And it was all videoed by yet another school staff!

So when the first name was read out, the mom punched two fists in the air and went YES!

Some of the other parents were less reactive, but you could tell who got called because they would give a sudden jerk and turn around to whisper to their partner. 😂

Thankfully we got in, but the parent who didn't get in was visibly upset and the mum cried. I hope she manages to find another school for her child 😢

So now our next hurdle is transferring the eldest to the same school. Cos if she can't get in I'll have to decide whether to reject the place for no2 …

Nevermind we can only take it one step at a time and wait upon God.

Still this has been most interesting, because when we were balloting I bumped into quite a few acquaintances! Singapore is really so small; if no2 stays I can form a whatsapp group for her school with my friends haha!

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