Didi is sick today. Puked four times in the morning 😭
He actually went to school after the first puke (I thought it was just a one off) but he vomited twice after eating his snack and drinking his water. The teacher called me and I actually told her that I couldn't pick him up because I needed to cook lunch/dinner and prep for tuition, but I felt so guilty I went in the end…

He actually was quite normal when I saw him and we took the bus home.

But at the doctor's he coughed and puked again. Just clear mucus because there wasn't anything in his tummy. The doctor checked him and said it wasn't anything serious and sent us off with anti vomiting meds and probiotics.

Hope his little tummy will recover soon; I felt so bad I couldn't stop drop and roll over to him the minute I heard; life of a 3rd child is hard haha!

Eek major puke fest during dinner. Everything came out and there was a waterfall from the table to the chair to the floor.

Bye to the chair.

I must ALWAYS feed anti vomit medicine before meals.


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