Met my younger brother for dinner yesterday. I wanted to go Sakae Sushi at Icon cos I remembered it was quiet there.

Apparently it was too quiet, because they closed down 😭 My bro texted me to ask where it was and I impatiently replied with directions, but it was just this white hoarding that greeted us!

Nevermind, because there are a lot of other fish in the sea to try!

Went to Japan Rail Cafe! Their theme this month is Hokkaido and i was very excited flipping through their newsletter/menu.

But I didn't eat any azuki products in Hokkaido next time must try…

The kids drinking out of the Shinkansen cups. Love their kid cutlery!

My brother ordered the curry rice ($18) it's a big portion and the curry rice has a peppery taste. Reminds me of black pepper steak cos it has beef bits in it.

The chicken katsu is crispy and flavorful. No limp fatty bits or stale oil smell. I like!

The kids shared 2 cheese burgers ($20). I didn't try them but the burger buns were very soft and the party smelt quite fragrant. You can have 2 sides with the burger (fries, wedges, salad or pork soup). They liked the fries and soup but didn't touch the wedges. Guess cos it was a little spicy.

They gave us a paper pocket to hold the burger (MOS burger style) and it was printed like a map. Love the little details!

My chicken katsu don set ($16)! Has some sauce plus grated radish and the same fried chicken like the curry. The rice is some 10 grain rice and tasted very healthy.

This came with soup in a teapot for you to pour in and mix so you can eat it like porridge if you prefer. It doesn't look like a lot but I couldn't finish!

Happy face! She finished a whole burger (without the onions, lettuce and relish).

The service was quite good; I asked them to leave the garnishing out because my kids are picky and the staff served the tomato/onions to me beautifully laid out on a square plate haha! The tomatoes were sweet and fresh and the relish had a sour/japanese-y taste.

The menu is limited (burgers, sandwiches and curry dons) but what they have is fresh and good.

They open from 11am-9pm (if they could open at 9 it would be so nice) and don't have service charge! (They should totally be rewarded for their good service!)

Will def visit to try their drinks and cakes!

Perfect weather for swimming today! The girls are learning how to do freestyle and I got a little worried watching them. They use the board but no2 looks like she has no idea how to breathe, move her arms and hold the board. Every time she surfaced for breath she would look like she was gonna start choking and I was quietly praying haha.

No need little schoolings just learn how to float!

Making cheese crackers!
We didn't buy the LeTao biscuits at Otaru cos we figured we could get them at the airport.

At the airport we happily went in to the gate, then realized there was NO DUTY FREE inside because we were taking a domestic flight 😭😭😭 and they only had small shops selling bentos and snacks.

And Narita duty free did not carry the biscuits too, just the cheesecake and chocolates.

So my oldest daughter has been nagging me to buy/make cheese biscuits.

She likes the Gouda /cheddar flavor so I went to check how much they're selling in Singapore.

10 bucks for the small box. Er sorry I think I'll just make my own.

If it passes her taste test will upload the recipe. But it's no LeTao imitation just regular cracker. With only 4 ingredients.

YAY! I went to Qoo10 and the CNP online shop is selling the invisible booster for 25! Bought the cream too cos I need a moisturizer, used the discount coupon and my Qpoints and….

It costs the same as 1 bottle at guardian!

Super happy when I get a good deal!


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