Thought I'd be hardworking and came to buy ikan billis and other dried groceries in the morning.

But the Albert Complex is closed for reno and the shop at Fu Lu Shou is not open yet! Am waiting to see if they're on leave or if the shop will open soon… ))))):

Ok it opened! And all the people milling around were the employee! For such a small shop space they sure have lots of people, there must have been at least 20 of them waiting there for the "ah gong" to open the shop!

So anyway I got some CNP samples from the CNP website thanks to @whoisbabydustmummy recommendation. It's so bewildering what to use first and all!

This is currently up on the study room door. The littlest colored it yesterday and came over to show it to me. He asked me if it was nice and I said it was "very colorful", because er it's not exactly coloring within the lines etc.

After he showed it to me he told his dad he wanted blutack to stick it onto the door.

Daddy: Are you sure you want to put it up? It's not very presentable.
Didi: But Mummy says she likes it!

Hahahahaha so young know how to push the right buttons.

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