Met up with my Sec school friend!!!! So excited to see her again it's been 3? 4? Years since we saw each other IRL.

After that we went for lunch at New Ubin Seafood. It was my first time there and I just wanted to try the beef and beef fat fried rice.

Belated Fathers Day celebration! Happy Father's Day dad!

And happy Father's Day to the Husband who paid for the meal…

The black pepper crab. They had a promo order 2 crabs get 2 slipper lobsters for free.


Everyone there said the crab wasn't fresh/tasty/meaty sigh.

The seafood part of their name is such a let down.

Ok beehoon.

Half eaten meal.

Half boiled egg with foie gras. The Husband said it was interesting but jelat.

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