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It's the start of the long weekend! Half happy half sad because

It's my last 24/7 time with the kiddos…they drive me nuts with their fighting but the relaxed pace during the holidays also allows me to be more chill with them.

And we did go to a lot of places together! Like libraries, museums, play dates, holidays etc.

Shall squeeze out more moments during the weekend!

Got free tickets for the Dreamworks Day Fun Run!

It's held at Gardens by the Bay EAST which is totally different from the regular gardens by the bay… we were lost and therefore late for the run oops.

And there was a jam along tanjong rhu and NO PARKING cos the car park was closed?! Saw lots of cars getting ticketed for parking illegally. Poor Husband had to drive to Kallang Leisure mall to park and bike over.

Decided to bring their scooters cos they've never scootered, much less walked such a long distance.

It was good that we were late cos there wasn't any crowd at the start (actually they had deflated the start line already hahaha) and we could slowly stroll/scoot.

Must take pictorial proof that we actually went all the way to the half way mark! (At the satay area of GBTB)

I wanted to line up and take a picture of the kids with the sign but 3 cranky kids and solo parent = sanity at all cost.

More pictures of them!

Failed wefie

No2 was very tired and wanted to rest at Marina Barrage.

No1 told her, "Later no more medals!!" Then she quickly jumped up and continued scooting.

Finally finished about 1 hour later and we got the cap and the medal!

Super proud of completing the race!

Better wefie

When I asked the girls if they enjoyed the run, no2 said, "It's not fun at all we just walk and walk and walk."

Haha I LOLed when I heard that. And then explained that some people like running and find it fun.

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