This is such an interesting book! It talks about adoption, being different and what it means to be family. I find kids lit nowadays more snarky (think Shrek) and with a lot of in jokes for grown ups. Or maybe it's me cos I tend to borrow stuff that interests me haha

After lunch, we went to Downtown East. That place has changed so much! I remember it as slightly dingy and old, but they've renovated it and it looks more sleek now.

Because we weren't the ones checking in they told us to wait outside the lobby. Strange but it was cool and there was a mini playground so I didn't mind.

Fake arch/swing thing. Do people get married here?

The room had a great view of wild wild wet. Which looks so different from 4 years back!

We went out to play when the drizzle stopped. Pasir Ris park's beach is really quite…different.

Lots of seaweed and "rocky sandy soil" as my girls like to say. I think the waters not very clean too cos there were so many big ships nearby.

But there were otters!! So can't be that dirty haha.

They actually landed on the beach, but people started running towards them so they swam back into the sea. Poor things!

The lonely thorn among the roses. This poor boy is still looking for members to join his Brother's club.

Most of our friends' children are all girls…

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