My war supplies for our trip! Markers, crayons and color pencils. Crayola really is the best for coloring cos their colors are vibrant and they don't break too easily.

Also helps that the Husband bought these last sept in the states and they were on sale! Like 2-3usd kinda cheap?!?

Can't wait to start our holiday!

No matter how exciting a holiday is, children always need something more.

Danger times include

✈️ 🚌🚘on the plane/car/train
🍔🍙meal times
⏱waiting to go somewhere like museums, rides whatever
😴sleep/rest time in the hotels

Chapalang toys

For these times, I always whip out stickers, crayons, scrap paper and random objects.

Holidays are the time when those happy meal toys come in handy! They're small, cheap and if they're lost you won't feel the heart pain. The problem is you gotta be interactive with them, make up a story or pretend they're alive so that the children are engaged.

Just throwing them out will not entertain the kids sadly…

For meal times, family restaurants are your best friend. In the States the restaurants we went had crayons and some coloring sheet.

Otherwise, those 3 for $1 stickers from pasar malams will do. Problem is you need a surface to stick on it not they will be covered with stickers.

Audiobooks from NLB

Audio books! This is fantastic for long rides where you don't want to answer questions of "are we there yet?"

I'm going to download what I can find on NLB and pray that the car is equipped with Bluetooth speakers.


If you're feeling brave you can bring playdoh. It's really nice to let them roll it out and keep their hands busy.

Tickleyoursenses sell holiday kits! Comes with a nice bag to hold everything in.

Being kiasu tiger mom I'm going to bring chinese storybooks which have stickers in them. This will be for pre bed time and will satisfy their story quota too.

I bought mine from taobao! Comes with hypy too!

Doing a travel journal

This holiday I'm going to journal with them. They'll get some paper where they can draw/write what they see and I'll also write down what they tell me.

I toyed with the idea of printables but I think having a blank paper will be less restrictive, especially since the youngest doesn't know how to write!

So the plan will be:

Take photos
Show them at night
Let them write a sentence or 2
Compile them at the end of the trip.

Ok list of questions to ask them

1. What did we do?
2. What did you like?
3. What made you laugh?
4. Draw your favorite sight
5. How did you feel today?
6. What was the weather like?
7. What did you eat?
8. What did you learn?
9. Who will you bring to this place next time?
10. What did you buy here?

Hmm hope I covered all the aspects if we have more will add along the way.

Quiet books / felt shapes

(Credits google)

For toddlers/pre kindy kids, I find quiet books awesome! Everything is in one book and they can snap, zip, fold to their hearts' content.

If you search taobao/carousell/qoo10 I think they have. I have one gifted by a friend. If you're crafty enough can even make them!

(Credits google)
Actually you can also go daiso to buy felt, cut out the shapes and do all these. Check out Pinterest for inspiration!


These are my go to biscuits! These, and pocky.

And also packet milk/milo/Ribena.

We've managed to bring them onboard the plane so long as we declare them upfront during the scanning. (Prob also helps that I look so frazzled and my children so hungry hahaha)

But for long car rides I try not to feed them too much because they tend to puke at the end. True story.

Ok that probably sums up the entertainment aspect for the kids! Those and the usual clothes, medicine, thermometer, wet wipes, toiletries, hand sanitizer blah blah take up like 60% of my luggage space. So glad that didi is toilet trained so we can skip the diapers.

Can't wait for my holiday to start…sitting in a classroom counting down the hours!!!!

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