Whirlwind look at Imaginarium yesterday.

This is an exhibit about sights and sounds in Singapore.

I enjoyed listening to the sounds but the sights too small leh. I cannot make out anything!

And also I was cringing each time we had to lie down to listen to the sounds because…unwashed feet?!?

Some art about the seeds and fauna in Singapore. Can see cannot touch so very empty.

There's a comfortable nook at the corner with books so it was nice to sit and read there.

We read "Oh the places you'll go!"

Scary exhibit. Also no touch.

I love this place!

The white mobiles had bells in it and really sounded like rain. Best of all it's interactive so you can walk around and touch everything.

So nice I took a picture of it haha

Another pretty exhibit but no touch again.

There was a craft corner at the side. Make your own volcano or something like that.

This is interactive but not very interesting (to me). You control the car drawing on the paper.

But the paper is well doodled so you can't really see what you've drawn.

Spotting mushrooms!

I thought these were canoes, but they're actually bomb shells! 😱

Quite intriguing this I appreciate.
Also because I like plants.

Lizard tail? Quite nice to touch but feels sparse.

Empty when we were there

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