Eating dumplings cos it's duan wu jie! Actually that happened yesterday but nevermind.

So during the story telling session on Sunday, I learnt more about this festival. I thought it was just about QuYuan who committed suicide (by jumping into the river holding a stone) and the common folk were so touched by his patriotism that they threw dumplings into the river so the fishes wouldn't eat his body.

The storyteller's other explanation was that the lunar 5th month was a hot month, so people used to worship the sea dragon god and throw food into the water and dragon boat race so that he would grant them rain.

And then I read more on Google/wiki and wow, there are other filial/patriotic people who are commemorated on that day! One is another official called Wu Zixi who as usual warned his king but to no avail, another is a daughter called Cao'e whose father fell into the river and she

Went to search for him but later drowned as well.

All these things also "happened" on the 5th day of the 5th month, so it's also called the Double Fifth festival and also celebrates "fealty and filial piety".

And it's also celebrated in Portugal! The storyteller probably explained why but my kids were too cranky and we left by then…if anyone knows please enlighten me!

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