Rainy Tuesday

Even though I was dreading the school holidays (3 children in the house all the time?!?! So much quarreling?!?! Have to cook lunch and dinner and provide snacks and entertainment?!?) I am quite enjoying my time with them.

Mainly because I don't have to keep nagging them to sleep, to do homework, to hurry up and eat dinner because they have to sleep early etc. and there's no rush rush rush.

Rainy day activity 1 – popcorn

Didi reminded me not to eat everything up and save some for jiejie.

Jiejie more important than mommy.

Maybe cos jiejie will come back with presents from school for him…

Rainy day activity 2 – lemon juice secret message

Good for motor skills cos they had to squeeze the lemon to get lemon juice.


He used a few colors and got bored.

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