Went for no2 and no3's PTM on Friday and saw this very chunky panda drawn by my girl. I think she used a chinese brush so it was fatter!

I asked no3's teacher what he was singing and she said it was this song….but it's not 😓 is his chinese so bad?!?

Up to now nobody can identify it. Why???

Went back for more sticker fun

He's at an age where he likes to make believe. The sister was very into leaving her mark on the plants,chairs and cutlery but he was more interesting in pretend play. Very interesting.

All the kids who were sitting there were around his age; the older kids enjoyed the sticking process more.

This is hot favorite no2. Maybe it's the lighting and the round surfaces.

Just lying down on them and feeling happy

Dajie's ribbons were still there so we added on to hers.

The sonnet in blue- very good for phototaking! I didn't know the poems were written by children.

Went to the Keppel Centre for Art and they liked the print making section.

There was a pottery section too!

It was all virtual but they really enjoyed "firing" their own pots

Their virtual pots on display!

This looks like a whale's inside?

Love the fabric wall I can imagine young children just sitting there to explore the textures

Little corners where you can hear the sounds of the ocean.

The bridge. I liked the fact we could look down and play I spy.

I'm still amazed by this curved section. It's like looking into outer space.

Friday night the kids went to watch Geronimo Stilton live. I won 4 tickets so only 1 adult could go and I nominated my husband for the job.

They were seated on the 1st floor. Pretty ok view

Very excited in the beginning

Then I started receiving these texts 😂😂😂

Obviously not a fan of the show. I think cos it didn't start promptly, was quite draggy (95 minutes with 15 minute interval) and didn't really feature a strong storyline.

Our local theatre productions are still the best!


Saturday we did our usual swimming and church stuff.

Sunday we went to celebrate dumpling festival!

My cousin in law was complaining why Duan Wu Jie has been reduced to being called dumpling festival.

💁‍♂ïļ"A little bit of me dies when I hear people say Mooncake festival or Lantern festival. It's äļ­į§‹čŠ‚! Mid Autumn festival! Why so hard to remember?"

I told him cos Singsporeans love to eat so we associate these festivals with food haha.

Waiting for the story telling to start

It was very dark and noisy and crowded. I really liked her and she was very engaging, but
2. Super noisy kids

Equals to less than stellar experience.

We left before she finished cos the kids (and I) threw a tantrum and we decided to wrap dumplings instead.

Taking photos to show ah ma that she can "help". But I think ah ma is not about to let her granddaughters near her precious dumplings. čķŠåļŪčķŠåŋ™ïž

In my first year of marriage I tried to help but I also more hinderance then help hahaha

THIS. This makes up for all the whines and crankiness. I have it as my wall paper now and I always laugh when I see it.

Very cute inflatable dragon boats. Too bad they weren't really used for racing. And one girl kept pulling the head and trying to make them fall off.

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