Today is the 8th day since I weaned didi off breastmilk and I think we've ended our breastfeeding journey.

My eldest only fed for 11 months (then I got pregnant with no2 and couldn't feed anymore cos no milk), no2 drank till 2 years 2 months (then weaned cos I felt pressured to stop) and the youngest drank till 3.

I psychoed him a few weeks before the stop date. "Didi when you're 3 you say bye bye to mummy's milk ok?"


"Big boys don't drink mama's milk right?"


Basically at this stage he was only drinking at
Morning wake up
Before nap (and sometimes after)
When bored in the evening
Before bedtime

I would also limit it to about 5 minutes max so he wouldn't like nurse to sleep (lesson learnt from no2 who would treat me like a pacifier and hence had all those remarks….)

So I think he was ready. And I wanted my body back to myself.

First day

We started on his birthday (so cruel haha but it was a Sunday and there were lots of distractions!)

In the morning he had a birthday song so didn't need to drink milk. We went to church had cake so he was happy. Fell asleep in the car so missed his nap time nursing?

In the night it was when he started to remember. He kept asking for it so I told him "mummy's milk is spoilt." He refused to take that as an answer so we had to whip out our secret weapon…


I dabbed some lemon juice on and let him drink. First suck and he immediately latched off. I offered him the other side and he shook his head.

Cue pitiful sad cry and I hugged and patted him to sleep instead.

The next morning he asked again and I told him "remember last night? Mama's milk is spoilt" and he looked sad but cheered up with milo pops.

So yes, that's how we said goodbye to this nursing journey!

Yesterday he asked, "Is Mama's milk better now?" And I explained to him that when milk is spoilt it won't get better. 😞 We talked for a while and I threw out the "big boy" and "eat lots of other foods" cards, cuddled a while and the sad moment went away.

I think weaning is a bittersweet moment. You've been nurturing and literally feeding your child yourself and now that stage has come to a close. But I think after so many years I really need my body back. And my health!

I'm my 20s I could exercise often and the weight would drop off (stubbornly, but it would still go away.)

Now in my 30s there's a spare tire around my middle and my bones creak and my back hurts (from all the bad nursing posture and carrying kids.) I think I need to let it recover so that we can go a longer distance together.

So goodbye nursing bras and tops and covers! It was a good journey but now we're on to new adventures!

Our quail hatched!!!!!!!!

Very active!!!

The Husband is very excited and wants to come home soon to make sure his chick survives!

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