Yesterday, we decided to go to the beach. The sky was gloomy over at the west so we headed towards East Coast Park.

Tip: don't even try parking at area C (where Marina Cove is). It's crowded and there are cars everywhere! We headed further down towards area D and there was so much parking. For free!

This was at some ulu area where camping is permitted. Look at those storm clouds!

Random grass growing on the sand. It's not seaweed and it's not grass exactly. But it sure is tough and tenacious!

Nice and windy here. The Husband loves to survey his kingdom and subjects from higher ground. And guard our trusty sandtoys, lovingly carried in an Honestbee bag. They're big and bright and perfect for barang barang!

Subjects playing in the sand.
All they need are shovels and random buckets/bowls. No education going on except getting dirty and learning to love sand.

I was chilling on the mat breathing deep breaths of salty air.

So happy!
📷 credit to The Husband and his powerful iPhone 7plus

After an hour, we heard thunder and saw lighting and decided to get out of the beach. Went to Vivocity for lunch and it was decided that this would be my Mother's Day lunch!

So whenever the kids complained I would say, "Is this Mother's Day or Kid's Day?" And they wouldn't have anything else to say haha!

But I think I'm going to have major payback during Children's day…

Must start saving up for the train rides and kiddy rides…

The Chop House is quite good but portions are small for their price! These mini burgers were part of the kids menu and 6 each!

The sharing platter was 68. the steak was good (according to the children) and the lamb chops were tasty but fatty.

The best lamb chops we ever had was at a friend's girlfriend's place. All I remember about the seasoning was pink peppercorns, light soy sauce and rosemary. BUT THEY BROKE UP and we have no chance to learn anymore…😓

Overall, I think it's quite a decent joint and pretty family friendly. Between Jamie's Italian and this I'll choose this any day!

And they have Chope 10% off vouchers, although it was sold out when I tried to buy them. Another time!

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