Course day 2.



Anyway, this is making me more determined to make sure things are in order for my family and myself.

Even though I might not have an income I believe if something happens to me the WHOLE FAMILY WILL CRUMBLE AND FALL APART haha.

That's the SAHM life. So I need to make sure if I'm sick or if I pass on my children will have their futures taken care of!

And if I don't die and grow old, I need to survive on something! I keep telling my children to take care of me, but to be honest

You gotta take care of yourself too. And this is something I'm grateful to my parents for. Because they planned for their retirement, I can be a SAHM to my kids and not worry about providing for them. In this aspect I'm more fortunate because I also have 3 other sibs and our burden is lightened when shared together.

So yes, financial planning is also important for housewives and low income workers!

It's not about BUYING products, but about KNOWING what you have and where it's going to.

And if you have little, better make sure it's going to the right places! Dayre is very visually appealing, but if you don't have the same deep pockets it's a slippery slope and 💸💸 💸

Yay! The trainer was chop chop curry pok!

Came home and saw the littlest one sleeping on my exercise mat. These children like sleeping on the strangest of surfaces!

It was nice to see jiejie's blanket on him though shows they care about him.

Happy drawing!

Drawing happily part 2

Dunno how to draw so singing to himself

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