Went to Farmart today to visit chickens. I told the girls to wear white so that it wouldn't be too hot. They took it to the extreme and wore white tshirt and white pants.

At least it was easy to identify them in the crowd.

First we had a talk by Mr William Ho. He was really funny and I learnt quite a few things!

"Chickens are birds which cannot fly. Some of you say why they can fly to trees? That's not fly, that's jump."

"A flying bird's young is a squab. The definition is a young unfledged bird. I'm Singlish that means botak baby bird."

"When your quails hatch, don't carry them. If they fall, they will earn a first class ticket to heaven."

Listening attentively.

So anyway, a chicken takes 21 days to incubate, a quail takes 16-18 days. And birds which cannot fly are usually indiscriminate about who impregnates them. The male just hahahaha whereas birds which fly (and build their nests above ground) only has 1 partner. And before the female consents to partner the male he needs to build her a nest.

The longest a quail can live is 7 years, and the longest a chicken can live is 9 years, but farm chickens usually live for 3 years because….they are exhausted from all that egg laying 😂


A chicken usually lays 1 egg a day and up to 12-15 eggs before they sit on them to hatch them. So in a farm the farmer will keep taking the eggs and then they will just keep laying. But the max they can lay is 270 a year.

Also the temperature to hatch an egg is 37.8 degrees Celsius, plus minus 0.3c.

So we all got a mini incubator and this is how it looks like…

Why is the temperature so high?!?!?

Ok breathe breathe it's The Husband's pet project I shall leave it in his capable engineer hands…

Male and female quail. This is a brown quail so it's easy to tell what gender it is based on the chest feathers. The female is speckled and the male is all brown.

So it's called autosexing (I think!)

For those which don't have such obvious plumage, you have to check their butt hole! Because birds lay their eggs through the same hole (ewwwww) the male's anus is usually round while the female's is a slit. This is 75% accurate haha.

Poor farmers staring at 💩 holes haha

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