So today I'm going to share what I've learnt in my journey so far in my 2nd job!

I think most of us buy insurance protection when we first start working? For me I bought post A levels when I went to the bank to deposit my pay check. It was with OCBC and it was some woman's insurance. Only 7 a month but the coverage is like 10k or something small haha!

And once I got my first full time job, my brother arrowed me to his financial advisor classmate. She was working for IPP and I bought some unit trusts with her…I guess when you're working you don't think about the outflow but once I stopped to look after kids I had to stop payments and the admin fees are…painful. Especially when the unit trusts aren't doing so good!

Best part, she isn't even working at IPP anymore so I don't have any advice there.

So because I'm in my mid 30s, most of my peers are covered enough (or think they are haha!) and don't want to chat much. But also precisely because we're of a certain vintage, we need to start prioritizing stuff like critical illness, hospitalization, income protection yadda yadda.

And because insurance is all about risk management, I've been trying to find out more stats about how much healthcare will cost if we fall sick.

Because medical bills are the real killer, not death!

So anyway, the top cancers in Singapore are…

(Source Singapore Cancer Society)

And because some cancers are more curable than others, the causes of death by cancer differs.

Like skin cancer is not unusual, but you have a higher chance of survival. Lung cancer is a real killer though ):

Channelnewsasia has a good article

I didn't know there were so many costs. You know, you just think about the chemo costs and cycles but there's actually a lot of other things that add up.

And also loss of income while treatment….

And sad that it's not a one off

Random aside. Everyday when we send the kids to school we see some helpers walking around with yellow patches on the skin.

The Husband said it's for vanity, I said it was some medicine. We're both right! (To a certain extent.)

It's a Burmese custom and it's sunblock/moisturizer etc. so interesting! So there are so many helpers from Myanmar in Sg.

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