Clearing my photos and saw this photo I took on Sat! My friend runs tickleyoursenses and she brought playdoh for our dinner outing!

(Actually it's cos I sent a video of didi saying he wanted to play with her daughter and he loves her playdoh haha!)

I love the stampers and the smell of her playdoh! It's lavender scented and she said they use YL oil to scent it 💸💸

Dinner today is going to be this super long fish. My MIL likes to buy fish and I like to eat it, but not cook it. I don't like the oil splattering and the cleaning up and the general fishiness of cooking it.

So she told me to steam it instead and being the ODIL (obedient daughter in law) I WILL DO IT.

Anyway her instructions were:

1.defrost the whole fish and butterfly it
2.put lots of spring onions and ginger underneath
3.steam for 15 minutes a separate pan, heat up oil, sugar and oyster sauce
5.drizzle the sauce over the fish and serve.

Sounds quite doable….only thing there's no specific quantity and I don't know if my kids will like steamed fish. BUT ODIL will do it! Cos actually I love steamed fish haha

This dastardly fish poked me while I was trying to butterfly him. And it has such a malevolent glint in its dead fish eyes…

I shall look forward to eating you later hah!

Looks more cheery after a few cherry tomatoes go into the plate.

Finished product!

Er I think 2 tablespoons of oil/soya sauce/sugar/ oyster sauce is too little for the behemoth my father complained it was very bland 😩

Ok he changed his mind and said it was very delicious haha

Super jialat this is happening at my estate?!? They change people 5 bucks a head to get into the sky bridge how come the money doesn't go into maintenance?

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