Sleepy Thursday.

With eyelashes like these who needs falsies!

Easter celebrations and they made egg holders!

Very amused by their panda because how is that Easter related?!?

Also it is a 红鸡蛋 haha! Feels more like man yue

This is didi's egg holder! There's a cross which he said the teacher helped him to paste.

Color also very strange looks like a fu…haha

GONE. The classmate left it on the canteen table and it disappeared. I'm seriously pissed off.

First she should not have been reading on the way to her lesson, secondly if she lent it to someone she should ensure that she knows where it is.

I feel like making the classmate cough up half for it. Argh I feel so irritated I wanted to make times table easy and ended up with more heart pain and aggravation.

Consequence for losing the book – write down the timestable to memorize them.

It's only 34 RMB on taobao! Anyone wants to share the shipping??

I tried carting 4 books and it's 35rmb for direct shipping to Sg.

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