At the dentist

My oldest was bleeding at the gums so I made an appointment with the school dentist. It's really quite nice how efficient they are.

Hmm I spoke too soon. The dentist said she needed 2 fillings but only did one cos he felt she couldn't tahan for so long. Strangely he did the smaller one not the bigger hole. Why?! It's that tooth that's giving her trouble?

Think I'll just bring her downstairs after to finish the job once and for all…

Bought this book ages ago on Taobao and finally took it out for them to read this week.

I love it! Lift the flaps are always useful in keeping their interest, and since times tables is something that must be memorized all the better.

A sample of the pages. Hopefully after reading this infinite times the trio can remember the times tables.

We've done 2x umpteen times but the challenge is the odd numbers like 3, 6,7 and 9. 9 is easier cos you can use your fingers but 7 and 6 and 3 is just 死背。

I want to make maths fun so this book is my attempt to make it less tedious compared to a list. I also have this board book but that only has a wheel so they're not too excited.

Just when I was talking about the times table book my girl told me she lent it to someone in school and it's GONE.

Argh it doesn't even have her name in it?!?!!

Hope she finds it tomorrow…

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