Dang dang dang

The Husband flew off today for his 10 day business trip!

Today my mom is here and I dunno if my MIL is taking thurs or fri.

But I must remember

The only thing to fear is fear itself

Just take deep breaths, take one day at a time and in the worst case scenario do takeaways and skip the house chores…

This will be a time of minimalism and mutual support.

(Sounds so drama but I really feel survival mode kicking in.)

Survival meal #1 – tuna porridge.

Used a lot of soya sauce, ginger and sesame oil to mask the fishiness. It's really quite tasty the children ate without complaining!

Maybe I should 发扬光大 and use proper fish like cod or the threadfin!

Kampung life! Playing with sticks and leaves and puddles of water. I'm closing 2 eyes to the dirt….

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