Went to a stone museum as part of our guided tour yesterday and saw this rock! It reminded me of pork belly! I went to touch it and the top is smooth while the sides are prickly?

Then I saw this specimen in glass! Wow they really like their meat fatty haha!

Looking at these pictures are making me hungry…

We had this for our lunch yesterday. It was a chop chop affair they only gave us 40 mins to eat, look around and buy fruit.

Out of the 8 dishes 2 were protein and the rest were tofu and veg. There was a dish of pig's blood but my dad told us not to eat it so we didn't.

Thankfully the girls enjoyed the food although they ate reeeeaaaalllly slowly!

It was a picturesque spot and the kids had fun running around.

Croque monsieur for no1 she basically likes cheese with everything. The Zhuhai pier has quite a lot of food it even has Kiliney!

At HK! Waiting for godma

Her apartment is stunning!

Watching tv as usual…

Love the view! It's a shoebox apartment but the view more than makes up for it.

You can even see the light show from here.

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