At 情侣路 today!
It was very blustery so we didn't spend much time at the beach. Walked around and the kids kept eating the free egg roll samples until my brother felt so paiseh he bought one box for them.

This statue was carved in 1982! As old as me but better maintained haha.

Wefie with my brother! I need to improve on my photo taking skills there were a lot of ladies putting on makeup and taking selfies there 😀

Happy family!

The tour brought us here, up a viewing point, drove past the view of Macau, to the stone museum and finally to yuan ming xin yuan which is a replica of the summer palace.

I think it was good that we took a tour cos I feel like China is quite complicated and hard to travel around by ourselves…and frankly zhu hai isn't very exciting haha. We would have nuaed our lives away in the hotel room otherwise.

Photobombed by the sibling….hahah

This was at the palace. Inside there were mannequins dressed up as the emperor etc. We didn't do much there cos it was the last stop and we didn't have enough time.

There were people dressing up as the emperor and empress though! They even had makeup artists on site to do your makeup quite cool! The Husband asked if I wanted to try but I doubt I will look royal enough haha.

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