Mom brain is real. I walked out of the house carrying my step tracker in the pocket because i was in a hurry.

Went to shop for groceries, pick up papers etc and then came home. To my horror I saw my tracker missing! It was only band!

Hurriedly retraced my steps but the thing is too small and pathetic and I couldn't see it anywhere )):

Texted the Husband the bad news. He called me back and said…

How come you dropped it? Where did you get the tracker from?

I told him I put it in my pocket for safekeeping and I picked it up from the usual spot.

He then replied,

"That's my empty strap lah. Yours is probably safe at home."



So yes, it was really at home on the shelf.

I walked around for 30 minutes with a strap and didn't realize how blur can I be…

And then I forgot to pick no2 up from the school bus.

But she's safe and sound cos one of the grannies waited with her.


Also, I've gotten super glue on my fingers repairing their toys and also burnt my hand while taking the chicken wings out of the oven.

Today needs to be over soon.

Thankfully they're MOSTLY cooperative and obedient, mainly because they want to go for a play date tomorrow.

Such an effective motivation!


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